Good local super market with enough variety for groceries and daily needs. Kids toys and home decor ation artifacts are also available. Vegetables also available.

Manish Kumar

Very polite staff, wonderful owner. Daily needs are covered here. Happy to have such a nice place near my home.

Kaushik Mandal

A 2 floor structure, neighbourhood go to store for basic needs. Kind of has all kind of needful stuffs along with fresh food items. Friendly staff as well as easy availability of food,hygenie, cosmetic, domestic use products.

Bikram Nayak

It is a good one point solution for most of your need like grocery, gifts, stationary, cookware and all. I liked this place a lot. They have facility to deliver things to your doorstep too.

Pragati Bhalla

Good service. Normally priced. CARDS PAYTM accepted. Home delivery free, no delays.

Venkata Ramanan

Moderate crowd
Vegetables, stationary, meat, dairy products, and many more.
Parking Facility: yes
Cost: vegetable cost is little higher than other places is what I feel.
Membership: available. All the staff to get you one if you are a regular customer but they do not have any branches.
Cleanliness: 4/5, Staff: 4/5

Akshay Nayak

Good next door market. Most of the daily need items available here. They sell products at MRP with a customer loyalty program. If they provide discount between 5 to 10 percent on different product mix, their sale will more than triple due to their strategic location.

Asit Sharma

Good place for everyday needs. Vegetables, food items, cosmetics are available on ground floor. First floor has utensils, kids toys, stationary items, photo frames, trimmers etc.

Praveen Nalawade

Good quality products. Quick checkout. Parking is bit difficult, but can't be better at such a busy street.

Pradeep Kumar Panneerselvam

Good convenience store.. get most of local and renowned brands

Ranjith Balaji

Very good place for variety of items, though prices are on little upper side.

Kangkan Goswami

Awesome place to buy your daily needs... Good quality of groceries available .... This is the place I would recommend to all ..

Allen RJ

I like this place. Very near to my place. Often go to this place for daily needed grocery needs.

Dipak Dash

Good place for ur daily needs. ... Introduction of meat and fish as made it complete in all sense